Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to check in.


  • Teams to consist of two players
  • Four bags per player – alternating throws from each side
  • Red bags will go first to begin the game determined by a coin flip or rock, paper, scissors. Honors will continue after that (last team to score goes first)
  • Partners will line up straight across from each other
  • You CANNOT step in front of the board when throwing (loss of turn for that bag thrown)
  • Bags CANNOT roll or bounce onto the board (remove bag from play if this happens)
  • Pitching a bag out of turn will result in a foul bag (not counted)
  • If a foul bag affects the other bags on the board, the opponent has option of returning all bags to their original position on the board or leaving all bags as they are.
  • Tournament issued boards and bags ONLY. No personal bags allowed.
  • All in-game disputes are to be directed to the tournament director
  • Tournament director will have final determination on dispute

Standard Scoring:

  • Traditional 21 – Winner is first to reach (or exceed) 21
  • In the hole – 3 points
  • Bag on board – 1 point
  • Cancellation Scoring – Points cancel
  • Score must be declared and agreed upon before each frame