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New Liturgical Year – Advent

“During the season of Advent, Our Lord knocks at the door of all men’s hearts…
[I]n order to appreciate the whole of this ineffable mystery [of the birth of Our Savior] at Christmas,
we must remember that, since we can be pleasing to our Heavenly Father only inasmuch as He sees within us His Son Jesus Christ,
this amiable Savior deigns to come into each one of us, and transform us,
if we will but consent, into Himself, so that henceforth we may live, not we, but He in us.
This is, in reality, the one grand aim of the Christian religion,to make man divine through Jesus Christ:
it is the task which God has given to His Church to do, and she says to the faithful what St. Paul said to his Galatians:
My little children, of whom I am in labor again, until Christ be formed within you!’ (Gal iv 19)”
Fr. McDermott

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